Our Team

We are a diverse team all invested in transforming the narrative around incarceration, particularly for formerly incarcerated people. We lead with the visions and desires of those who have returned from prison and those with imprisoned families.

Lisa Bloomberg
Recovery & Workshop Facilitator


Omari Oliver
K College Student Organizer

Marcos Miranda
Grand Rapids Organizer

Ms. Su
Workshop Facilitator

Kendall Campbell
Northside Neighborhood Organizer

Allison Kennedy
Workshop Facilitator, Design Support

Our People & Partners

Gabrielle Obiya

Krissey Olson

Willie Turner


Brittany Rangel

David Pachon

Michelle Lucas

Jamie Ryan

Michigan United Fair Chance for All Team
Most of our team has joined Michigan United's Fair Chances for All (FCFA)  team. In 2010, Michigan United passed Ban the Box - a city-wide legislation for public employers to take criminal history inquiry off of initial job applications. Now, we're working together to take criminal history inquiry and background checks out of the hiring process for private businesses until after an in-person interview with Fair Chances for All.

Kalamazoo College Center for Center for Civic Engagement with Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative Creative Writing Program
Some of Beyond Boxes began and is sustained by creative writing workshops for probationer and parolees, as supported and organized by the CCE at Kalamazoo College. Their partnership with the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative makes creative writing and voice-building workshops available to those returning from prisons, or those in transition.

The Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership at Kalamazoo College

Our consistent spatial and material partners.