So, what's prison abolition to an upper-middle class white woman?

a blog/video post by Allison

All right, I admit, the title's just for click-bait. And, in both art and community organizing work, it is important to address the "mutual interest" of everyone engaging in the work. In particular, I've found it necessary for folks like myself, who are not directly impacted by incarceration, to map our "buy-in," and name what is our stake in resisting incarceration. How did we end up here? What is at stake for us if we are are complicit in creating a society run on shame and explicit racism? Without digging into these questions, I fear those of us doing work in solidarity with families and communities most impacted by incarceration risk running on ultimately oppressive sources of energy: white guilt, anxiety, "ministry" or charity. Those run out soon.

This is a piece I performed alongside our other team members during our first collaborative performance, What's Next? How Do We Become Human Again? on February 20th, 2015.