Escalating Incarceration of Women & Meth: What Does it mean for Kalamazoo?

[I am from the city of three]

a poem by Jamaal Black

Where teens party, get drunk and walk in the street

Might catch someone beating up a potted tree

Everyone know everybody, including the police

Country rides to purgatory smoking blunts of green

Bonfires with kegs snuggled up with your squeeze

All was well until that one day with those things

Never ending cycles became addicting

Friend betrayed friend, all to be King

One by one they disappeared, sent to prison or OD’d

Some just moved away never to be seen

I was lucky, I got out, but nowhere near clean

I long to go home but that place is in a dream

My city has been taken over, Meth is now King.

Above is a poem from a creative writing workshop held at a local probation and parollee facility. It illustrates gorgeously the city and region's struggle against Meth. I've casually heard of Kalamazoo referred to as "the Meth capital of Michigan," and research on meth busts concurs