We are a grassroots storytelling collaborative based in Kalamazoo, Michigan that strives to claim power and healing for all people impacted by incarceration. Our roots are in amplifying the voices of previously incarcerated people, and our change is in growing a community that stands up together to change the narrative around reentry.

We believe that everyone has a stake in ending prisons, as they disrupt every part of a community - from the budget to our brothers, sisters, parents & children that make a safe and vibrant world. We believe the Prison Industrial Complex is designed to dehumanize people, and in supporting, not supervising, those returning from prison - we become human again. 

Projects We're Working On:

Humans Beyond Boxes work is made real in many forms - from small chapbook publishings, open and more intimate writing workshops, power-building trainings for previously incarcerated persons, moving performances and also, legislative action in collaboration with Michigan United and their sister organization, Michigan People's Campaign.


               T-Shirt Project                Support our next series of creative writing workshops in January & decrease stigma by wearing one of our T-shirts!



Our second workshop series beings January 2016.

Interactive Performances
February 20th 2015, we created our first collaborative performance, with an diverse audience over 50 people. Our last was August 28th, with 100 people.

             Legislative Action               Partnered with Michigan United, with the "Fair Chances for All" team, we are working to dismantle employment barriers for previously incarcerated people.

"You all are my healing"